Feta Topped Grilled Chicken with Pan Fried Red Potatoes


Amt Measure Ingredient Cal Carb Pro Fat GI
2 - 1/2cupcanned green snap beanscanned green snap beans80.365191330
1/2cupfeta cheesefeta cheese198124314427
1/4poundchicken breast meatchicken breast meat131098260
5ouncered potatoesred potatoes126.211113289
4spray , about 1/3 second (1 NLEA serving)non-stick cooking spraynon-stick cooking spray7.91070
Totals: 554 Calories Balance: 34-31-35 543.4 189 173 192 67

This recipe makes 1 chicken breast and 2 (potato) cups

You should have the entire recipe.

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Active Time: 25 minutes

Total Time: 25 minutes

Wash and pat chicken dry. Cook chicken in frying pan sprayed with non-stick cooking spray until juices run clear.

Dice potatoes into small chunks and cook in a separate frying pan sprayed with non-stick cooking spray.

Heat green beans in a separate pan.

To serve, plate chicken, green beans, and potatoes. Sprinkle feta over the chicken while still hot to let it melt slightly.