Paleo Grilled Chicken with Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice

Amt Measure Ingredient Cal Carb Pro Fat GI
1teaspoonolive oilolive oil39.800410
1/2teaspoonsmart balance regular buttery spreadsmart balance regular buttery spread13.600140
1tablespoonlime juicelime juice3.85000
3ouncechicken breast meatchicken breast meat98.2074190
1fruit (2-5/8" dia)orangesoranges61.6625152
Totals: 290 Calories Balance: 39-33-28 275.5 114 96 80 29

This recipe does not have makes information.

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Active Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 45 minutes

Rice the cauliflower:
Washing the cauliflower, remove leaves, and cut into flowerettes. Place in a blender filled with water and pulse until cauliflower resembles rice. Drain into a colander.

Heat oil and Smart balance in a skillet. Saute pressed garlic and cauliflower until cauliflower softens. Add lime juice, and minced cilantro, salt and pepper.

Meanwhile grill chicken with herbs of choice. (suggested: pepper, garlic powder and paprika).

Serve chicken over rice with orange wedges on the side.