Egg and Sausage Burrito

Amt Measure Ingredient Cal Carb Pro Fat GI
1ounceturkey sausageturkey sausage43.3021210
2spray , about 1/3 second (1 NLEA serving)non-stick cooking spraynon-stick cooking spray7.91070
4largeegg whiteegg white68.645820
2tablespoonShredded 2% Cheddar CheeseShredded 2% Cheddar Cheese27.5110170
1serving8 inch flour tortillas8 inch flour tortillas146.4101182830
1/4cupcanned peaches in watercanned peaches in water14.6151040
Totals: 311 Calories Balance: 41-35-24 315.8 126 108 77 32

This recipe makes 1 burrito and 1/4 (peaches) cups

You should have the entire recipe.

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Active Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes

In a skillet, cook turkey sausage links until done (according to package directions). Chop and set aside.

In another skillet, lightly sprayed with cooking oil, scramble egg whites seasoned to taste with salt and pepper, and cook until about 1/2 way done. Add sausage and cook until eggs are done.

Sprinkle eggs with cheese, and continue to heat until cheese is melted. Add salsa on top of eggs.

If desired, heat tortillas in a skillet or microwave until warm. Transfer appropriate portion of eggs to tortillas and wrap up.

Serve with peaches.